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PhD Student in geochemistry

Team Geochimie des eaux et des interfaces/geochemistry of waters and interfaces
Universite Rennes 1
Campus Beaulieu
BAT15, 3 eme etage, bureau 316
35042 RENNES cedex
Phone : 02 23 23 56 50

Title of thesis project : Interactions between metallic nanoparticles, traces elements and bacterial biofilm in Wetland soil

Supervisor : Mathieu Pedrot et Aline Dia

Research interest

Transfert of engineering contaminant

Interaction metals - organic molecules

Metallic nanoparticles engineering

Chromatography, spectrometry, fluorescence, scattering

Research Areas

Chemical oceanography



Analytical chemistry

Thesis Project

In this project we study the behavior of the iron nanoparticles in soil environment. We focus on three aspects. (1) The behavior of trace elements within solid phase of the wetland soil. (2) The interactions between iron nanoparticles, metallic traces elements and the dissolved organic matter. (3) The impact of nanoparticles on the trasnfer of metallic trace elements in a bacterial biofilm.


M.Sc in Oceanography, Institute of marine science / Institut des sciences de la mer (ISMER), Universite du Quebec a Rimouski (UQAR), CANADA

Master in Analytical chemistry and environmental modeling, Universite du sud Toulon var (USTV), FRANCE

Licence in Chemistry, Univerisite de Poitiers, FRANCE


NanoSIMS analysis

HPLC-ICP-MS, hydrodynamic and steric exclusion chromatography

Multi-angle Ligth scaterring (MALS)

Coupling HLPC, UV-Vis, MALS, ICP-MS

Electronic microscopy (TEM and SEM)

Nanoparticles synthesis

Radiochemistry / Radiolabelling

Fluorescence 3D, Excitation-Emission-Matrix (EEM)

Massive extraction of dissolved organic matter in marine water (XAD resin, reverse-osmosis)

Marine and continental environment



Al-Sid-Cheikh, M., C. Rouleau, et al. (2013). "Tissue distribution and kinetics of dissolved and nanoparticulate silver in Iceland scallop (Chlamys islandica)." Marine Environmental Research 86(0) : 21-28.

Al-Sid-Cheikh, M., É. Pelletier, et al. (2011). "Synthesis and characterization of [110mAg]-nanoparticles with application to whole-body autoradiography of aquatic organisms." Applied Radiation and Isotopes 69(10) : 1415-1421.