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GDAT 2012 Rennes - France

Intercomparison exercice on Environmental Tracers for Groundwater dating

The intercomparison exercice will be divided in three parts :

The first part of the exercice will bring together Thirty laboratories from 14 countries. We will sample water on an homogenous aquifer near Paris (Fontainebleau aquifer), and intercompare our results with a multitracer approach : CFCs, SF6, Noble gases, Tritium, He, 14C, 36Cl, 81 and 85Kr, U, 39Ar.
Analytical results will be compared and groundwater dating with the different tracers.
A second exercice will be realised on a fractured aquifer near Rennes, at the automn 2012.

Third, a Groundwater dating meeting will be organised too in Rennes at the same period (automn 2012)

Scientific Comitee :

- Luc aquilina - Rennes1 University
- Florent Barbecot - IDES - Paris Sud University
- Eurybiades Busenberg - USGS
- Daren Goody - BGS
- Rolf Kipfer - EAWAG
- Ate Visser - LLNL
- Peter Cook - CSIRO

Contact :

Thierry Labasque

Luc Aquilina

Florent Barbecot

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