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F. Paris Web page

PARIS Florentin

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F. Paris

by Florentin PARIS (updated on September 24, 2010) Version française

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Alpenachitina eisenacki

DR1 (Directeur de recherche) at the French CNRS)

Team : Dynamique des bassins et systèmes sédimentaires


Phone : 33-(0)2 99 62 07 66

Academic cursus and titles

State doctoral thesis ("thèse d’Etat") ; Rennes University, April 1980.
"Third cycle" thesis cycle ; Rennes University, January 1971
D.E.A. de Géologie, Rennes, June 1969
Master of Geology, Rennes 1968
Baccalauréat "Sciences expérimentales" (Guingamp), June 1964

Research themes and main results

N.B. the numbers in this web page refer to the corresponding papers listed in the attached PDF file : "Scientific publications of Florentin PARIS".

- Main researches :
- Construction calibration and updating of a high-resolution biostratigraphic tool for Palaeozoic material, i.e. chitinozoan biozones (n° 53, 121, 187, 288) ;
- Systematic affinities and biological signification of the still mysterious chitinozoan group (53, 141, 226, 227, 331) ;
- Palaeogeography and palaeoenvironments during Palaeozoic times (128, 154, 187, 244, 341).

- Some significant scientific contributions during the last 20 years :

- International stages stratotypes (GSSP) : characterisation by mean of chitinozoans of the base of the Dapingian (358), Darriwilian (207, 337, 353), Pridoli (88), Lochkovian (58, 192), Pragian (80, 131), Emsian, Givetian, Frasnian and Famennian (180, 190, 191).

- Palaeobiogeographical reconstructions for northern Gondwana, Laurentian et Balto-scandian regions from the Ordovician to Carboniferous ; implication of the relative movements of these palaeoplates in the building of the Variscan Chain (33, 78, 128, 129, 137, 154, 163, 244, 252, 341).

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Ordovician palaeogeography

_ - Standard biozonations of the chitinozoans : regional Ordovician chitinozoan biozones for northern Gondwana (121) ; proposal of a standard chitinozoan scale for the Silurian (180) ; toward a standard chitinozoan biozonation for the Devonian (236)

- Chitinozoan databases : - "PhotoChitino", database including more than 17000 SEM digital photos of the observed chitinozoans ; - "Chitinovosp" : database of all the chitinozoan species described up to now, and including a system of help for identification. This database has been extensively used for evaluating the fluctuations of the chitinozoan diversity from the Early Ordovician to latest Devonian (289, 371).

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Chinovosp Database-1
PDF - 175.1 ko
Alphabetic list of chitinozoan species

_ - Subsurface palynostratigraphy of NE Libya (Join project of the CIMP and AGOCO) : datations of Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian subsurface strata of Libya (81, 82, 84, 105, 106).

- Palaeozoic palynostratigraphy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and related areas (join project of the CIMP et Saudi ARAMCO) : construction of a regional chitinozoan biostratigraphical scale for the Ordovician and the Silurian strata and appraisal of the palaeobiogeographical affinities of the recorded palynomophs (174, 179, 217, 236).

- Stable isotopes (δ 13C) and organic geochemistry of the chitinozoans : application to the late Ordovician Glaciation, to the development of the Silurian anoxia, and to the biological affinities of the chitinozoan group (206, 331).

- Early Palaeozoic Palaeoenvironments through the quantification of the palynomorph assemblages and multivariate analyses (173, 261, 368).

- Palaeobiodiversity of the Ordovician chitinozoans (- IGCP project n° 410 "The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event" (289, 290, 291, 325, 342, 371) ; - CRISEVOLE project : "The late Ordovician faunal crisis and the post glacial recovery in northern Gondwana regions") (227, 229, 238).

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Ordovcian events

_ - Biostratigraphical calibration by mean of the chitinozoans, of sedimentary, and climatic events (e.g. ECLIPSE project) (282, 291, 328, 335, 339, 359, 367, 369, 370). The earliest vascular plants have been recently dated of mid Katian age by the associated chitinozoans in Saudi Arabia (360).

Implication in international and national projects

International projects :
- Co-leader of IGCP project n° 410 "The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event" with B.D. Webby (Australia), M.L. Droser (USA), I. Percival (Australia) (1997-2001) (290, 293, 301)
- Leader of the "Regional Team Europe-Africa" of IGCP n° 410, of the "Chitinozoa Clade Team", and "Database Team" of this IGCP project (1997-2001).
- Palaeozoic Palynostratigraphy of the Arabian Plate and Adjacent Areas (CIMP/Saudi ARAMCO Projects, 1992-2010)
- Subsurface Palynostratigraphy of Libya (1984-1988)

- National projects :
- ECLIPSE Project (2004-2008)
- French Deep Geology Project ("Géologie Profonde de la France")

Supervision of doctorate and post-doctorate students

Full (**) or co-supervision (*) of 3 post-doc (P. Dufka, J. Samuelsson, B. Videt) and 22 students from 13 countries (see list of the 22 doctorate students in the attached PDF file). In addition, I trained many of the present day chitinozoans workers (with academic as well as industrial affiliation).

PDF - 110.2 ko
Theses supervised


- International responsibilities :
- Member of the « Scientific Board  » of the IGCP Committee of UNESCO (2004-2008)
- President of the "International Commission of the Commission Palaeozoic Microflora" (CIMP) (2003-2007), President of the "Chitinozoa" Sub-commission of the CIMP (1994-1996 ; 1980-1984)
- Member of sub-commissions of the International Commission of Stratigraphy (ICS) (titular member for the Ordovician Sub-commission, up to 2008 ; correspondent member for the Devonian)
- "Councillor" of the CIMP for I.F.P.S. (International Federation of Palynological Societies) (1988-1996).

- National responsibilities : Elected member of the "collège A, section 18 of the French CNRS (National Committee for Scientific Research) (1999 – 2004) ; Member of the French Committee of IGCP, of the "commissions de Spécialité des universités" of Paris VI, Lyon I, Brest, Rennes I universities, of CRISEVOLE national project (1997), and of UPR 4661 council (1996)

Organisation of conferences and symposia

- Chairman for international symposium or congress, e.g. Dresden (Germany), Seoul (Korea), Nanjing (China), Las Vegas (USA), Nottingham (UK), Calgary (Canada).
- Member of the Organisation and/or scientific committee of congress or symposia, e.g. Rennes (ASF) ; Granada (11th IPC) ; Aix-en-Provence (8th IPC)...
- Co-organisation of geological field trips (ASF, IPC, CIMP...)

Industrial partners

Contracts for scientific projects, studies, expertise, engineer training, consulting (Saudi ARAMCO, GDF-Suez, PDO (Oman), TOTAL, SONATRACH, BECIP, IFP, EXXONMOBILE...) dealing with Palaeozoic formations of Algeria, Bolivia, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Guinea Bissau, Niger, Chad... (See PDF file "Unpublished reports of F. Paris" for the list of the related reports)

PDF - 154.3 ko
Unpublished reports of F. Paris


- Referee for international projects
. Referee for submitted IGCP projets at UNESCO (2004-2008)
. Report on applications for scientific projects, positions or grants, e.g. "Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada" ; MUIRS, Italy, "Natural Environment Research Council" (NERC), UK ; Von Humbold grant Germany.

- Member of editorial boards : Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology (Elsevier, Amsterdam), Geobios (Elsevier, Lyon), Bulletin of Geosciences (Praha, Czech Republic), Revue de Micropaléontologie (Elsevier, Paris), Revista Espanola de Micropaleontologia (Madrid, Spain)

Main scientific publications

374 titles registered on Septembre 2010 including 205 peer reviewed papers published in journals or books with an international scientific editorial board (139 papers), in national journals or conference proceedings (57 papers) and 9 maps at 1/50000 scale (28, 55bis, 95, 267bis) and their geological notes (32, 55, 70, 107, 267). See the list of the main publications in the attached PDF file "Scientific publications of F. PARIS").
Additional production are industrial (45 unpublished reports) or academic (3 unpublished booklets) reports (see PDF file "unpublished reports of F. Paris") and conference abstracts.

Citation index (Septembre 2010) : 1766 ; indice "H" : 22

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Scientific publications of F. Paris