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3D modeling

3D modeling is a tool for building 3D subsurface models of geological structures accounting for available data.

The 3D modeler used in Geosciences Rennes is gOcad. Gocad is a 3D modeler specifically developped for geological application since 1989. It has been initially developped at Nancy, in the LIAD laboratory. Gocad is now a Paradigm product.

Examples of geological application of gOcad may be found here in the CRPG web site, my previous laboratory.

At Rennes, gOcad is used for :

Research :

  • Modeling of offshore and intracontinental basins around and in Africa, in order to quantify sediment supply evolution around Africa since the Permian
  • Kilometric -scale modeling of the deformation in the N of cap Corse, France
  • Modeling of the Corinth rift fault network and sedimentary architecture
  • Developpement of plugins (e.g. georeferencing maps in gOcad)

Teaching :

  • About 20 h for the 1st year of Geosciences Master (structural modeling)
  • About 3h for the 2nd year of Geosciences Master (example of application)
  • 6 Master or PhD students working on the above subjects

3D modeling of the Limousin area
Be in stream sediment map, superimposed with As anomalies (yellow outlines) and 3D geometrie of granitic units in pink (Le Carlier de Veslud et al., 2000).

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