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Séminaire de Michal TAL (IPG, Paris)

Date : 10 juillet 2008, 11h

Titre : Interactions among vegetation-sediment-flow in braided rivers.

Lieu : salle de conférences du CAREN (bât 14B RDC)

Résumé : Results from a set of laboratory experiments conducted at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be presented. The experiments were designed to promote braiding in the absence of vegetation and demonstrate repeated cycle of short periods of high water discharge alternating with longer periods of low discharge accompanied by plant seeding and growth, convert a braided morphology to a single-thread channel. The experiments reproduced many of the dynamics of field scale river systems including bend growth, pointbar formation, avulsions, and head-cutting floodplain channels. Feedbacks among flow - vegetation - sediment leading to the self-organization of floodplains and bankfull geometries will be discussed. The extent to which simplified, unscaled laboratory experiments such as these reproduce key elements of complex natural river behavior suggests a high degree of scale independence in the relevant dynamics.