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Séminaire de Manuel SINTUBIN (Université de Leuven, Belgique)

Date : 29 mai 2008, 10h

Titre : Late Devonian - Early Carboniferous contraction-dominated deformation in the Monts d’Arrée and its relationship with the closure of the Rhéic Ocean.

Lieu : salle B. Auvray (bât 15)

Résumé : In the Monts d’Arrée (western Brittany, France) a high-strain slate belt is very well-exposed. An extensive structural analysis has demonstrated that the slate belt primarily reflects a coaxial, contraction-dominated deformation history. Only during the later stages of deformation history, incipient strain partitioning lead to the development of punctuated strain heterogeneities, consistently reflecting dextral, belt-parallel, strike-slip strain. The deformation largely occurred prior to the emplacement of the early Carboniferous granitoid intrusions in Central Armorica, and can therefore fairly be identified with the late Devonian - early Carboniferous ’Bretonian’ tectonometamorphic event. The kinematics, inferred in the Monts d’Arrée, moreover, comply with the top-to-the-NW thrusting and nappe stacking, inferred in the Léon Terrane. These new insights allow relating the early Variscan, contractiondominated deformation in Central Armorica and hence the continental collision of the Léon microcontinental block with Armorica to the closure of the Rheic Ocean.