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Séminaire de Isaac BERWOUTS (Université de Leuven, Belgique)

Date : 29 mai 2008, 10h

Titre : Reconstitution of fluid-system evolution in a wrench tectonic setting, Brittany, France.

Lieu : salle B. Auvray (bât 15)

Résumé : Quartz veins in siliciclastic metasediments and igneous rocks of the western part of the Armorican Massif and along the North Armorican Shear Zone have been described since long. Nevertheless, no detailed and/or regional research has been done on the exact significance of these veins with respect to regional geodynamics. This research project will determine PT-X properties of vein-forming fluids, metamorphic conditions and the nature of the fluid system (open or closed). In a final stage, conclusions can be drawn on fluid properties and fluid migration in the western part of Armorica and vein formation during deformation. Objectives will be pursued by a research strategy containing two parts. Firstly, field observations will enable the mapping and description of the quartz veins and their geological context. Secondly, optical microscopy, microthermometry, Raman spectrometry, chlorite geothermometry, stable isotope and Xray diffraction analyses are used to constrain the origin of the fluids, the formation of the veins and the metamorphic conditions during and after formation