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Pavel PITRA (english)

Associate professor (Lecturer)

Contact : pavel.pitra(at)univ-rennes1.fr ; +33 - 2 23 23 65 06

Areas of Expertise

- metamorphic geology, structural geology, tectonics

- numerical modelling of equilibrium mineral parageneses (THERMOCALC)

Research interests

Structural and metamorphic evolution of orogenic belts

My research activities are aimed at the parallel study of tectonics, structure, magmatic and metamorphic processes in different orogenic settings, based on extensive field work. The focus is on the study of PT conditions and their evolution with time. I approach these problems from a thermodynamic point of view, especially through numerical modelling of phase relations using various types of phase diagrams calculated with the help of some of the advanced features of the THERMOCALC software.

Degrees & Employment


- DEA (= MSc), University of Montpellier ; tutors : Jean-Pierre Burg and Karel Schulmann


- Thèse de Doctorat (= PhD), Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris and Universita Karlova, Prague ; tutors : Michel Guiraud, Jean-Pierre Burg and Karel Schulmann
- petrological and structural aspects of the juxtaposition of two major terranes of the Variscan Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic) - Tepla-Barrandian & Moldanubian ; the combination of the structural and petrological approach yielded novel results that claim revision of the current models of evolution of the Bohemian Massif.


- research assistant, Department of Mineralogy, Geochemistry & Mineral Resources, Universita Karlova, Prague
- petrology and structure of some granulites of the Bohemian Massif


- post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Geology, University of Pretoria (South Africa)
- metamorphism and structure of the "Marble Hall Fragment" and the implications for the emplacement of the Bushveld Complex ; exploration and re-interpretation of some symplectite textures (spinel + cordierite replacing andalusite)

since 1999

- lecturer / associate professor (Maître de Conférences), University of Rennes
- metamorphic record of continental collision



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