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65 articles (impact factor 1 to 5) over the last 22 yrs

23 articles 1st author 22 articles 2/3rd author (after my students)

12 technical articles (IP<1) and extended abstracts

1 Patent

78 reviewed publications

(3.5/yr from1993, >6/yr for the last 4 yrs)

Articles Impact Factor>1 published or accepted


[65] ARMANDINE LES LANDES A., AQUILINA L., VERGNAUD-AYRAUD V, DAVY P., 2015 - Time scales of regional circulation of saline fluids in continental crystalline aquifers (Armorican Massif, western France). Hydrology and Earth Sytem Sciences 19, 1413-1426.

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Technical articles [industrial reviewed articles]

AQUILINA L., AUROUSSEAU P., et al. 2013 – Des marées vertes pour longtemps ? Analyses scientifiques et plans de lutte contre les algues vertes. Courrier de l’environnement de l’INRA 63, 63-75.

VERGNAUD-AYRAUD V., AQUILINA L., PAUWELS H. and LABASQUE T., 2008 - La datation des eaux souterraines par analyse des CFC : un outil de gestion durable de la ressource en eau. Techniques, Sciences, Méthodes 1, 37-44.

POMMERAY D and AQUILINA L., 2008 - Environment and sustainable development virtual University. Actualité Chimique 325, 49-51.

Technical Patent - Fluid sampling 1997

AQUILINA L. and BRACH M., 1995 - Characterization of Soultz hydrochemical system : WELCOM (Well Chemical On-line Monitoring) applied to deepening of GPK-1 borehole, Geothermal Science and Technology 4, p. 239-251.

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Published abstracts, extended abstracts or French reviewed journals

About 130 published abstracts and extended abstracts.

Pauwels 2010 AG - Isotopes Bretagne - 495.5 ko

Ledruillennec 2010 AG - Radon Ploemeur - 1 Mo

Pierson-Wickmann 2009 Chem Geol - 616.7 ko

Bougon_2009_Soil-Biology-and-Biochemistry - 536.4 ko

Ladouche et al Pluies - 2009 J Hydrol - 690.3 ko

Weyer et al_AG_2008 - 635.2 ko

Ayraud - Applied Geochem 2008 - 1.6 Mo

Legout et al 2007 J Hydrol - 435.7 ko

Ayraud 2008 _betton_biogeochemistry - 413.3 ko

Aquilina Karst J Hydrol 2006 - 462 ko

Martin et al 2006 J Hydrol - 778.9 ko

Tarits et al 2006 App Geochem - 546.1 ko