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Short curriculum

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51 years old (1963) ; Married, 3 delightful kids


15 years in Géosciences as full Professor

7 years in BRGM (french geological survey) as ingeneer


hydrobiogeochemistry, isotopic hydrochemistry, hydrogeology physical and biogeochemical processes, water-rock interaction

Research management

2014-2015 Co-Director of the International Laboratory France-Quebec. This international laboratory is devoted to the exploitation of the deep resources and their impact on surface resources : relationships between Science and Society. The Rnnes 1 and Rennes 2 University, CNRS and BRGM on one side, INRS and Laval Universities, Geological Canadian COmmmission on the other side are partners of the Laboratory.

2003 - 2009 Vice Director and Director of the research federation CAREN. The CAREN research federation (now OSUR) includes 250 searchers and more than 250 technicians, docs and postdocs in the fields of the earth sciences, ecology, hydrology, soil sciences, agronomy and archaeology. CAREN-OSUR

2003 - 2005 : Vice Director of the Géosciences Rennes lab

1996-1999 : Responsible of the Hydrosystèmes project (BRGM) (1-2 M€ annual budget)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2005 - 2008 President of the numeric university ‘Environment and Sustainable Development’. There are 6 national numeric universities in France which group most of the french E-Learning development. UVED

2003 - 2006 Scientific manager of the E-learning campus Environment ENVAM. French E-learning campus dedicated to environmental sciences which groups 6 french Universtities and the Quebec University. ENVAM

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2005 - 2015 Member of scientific concils :

- INSU-CNRS national scientific council (INSU-CNRS is one of the 10 institutes which constitute CNRS) ;

- research groups FORPRO (ANDRA-CNRS) and TRASSE (IRSN-CNRS) ;

- French Brittany Scientific council for Environment ;

- Scientific council of the ’Espace des Sciences’ first regional center for scientific education in France ;


In the Rennes University, I have been in charge of the construction and the functioning (2004-2015) of a master devoted to environmental sciences. This master is tightly related to the Rennes research Observatory. It presents pluridisciplinary skills (earth-, soil-sciences, ecology, agronomy, hydrology) and groups about 20-30 students annualy.

My lectures are in the field of chemical and isotopic hydrology, biogeochemical cycles in master diploma (50 hrs). I also give lectures (60 hrs) in earth and climate functioning and environmental sciences for the students during their first years in the university.

From 2008, I am in charge of the development of the relationships between our master and industrial network. Students are prepared to their profesional life and we develop integration of professionals in our cursus.