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Variscan 2015

Le laboratoire Géosciences-Rennes organise en juin 2015 un congrès international


The conference is the continuation of the successful meetings in Orléans and Sassari. It will focus on the broad theme of the late Palaeozoic Variscan-Alleghanian orogenesis issued from the collision of Gondwana and Gondwana-derived continental blocks with Laurussia and resulting in the amalgamation of Pangaea. Particular attention will be paid to the correlations between the fragments including not only the “classic†massifs of continental Europe and southern Great Britain, but also the Variscan relics in the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Western Carpathians, as well as the islands of the western Mediterranean and the massifs of North Africa and North America. The correlations should be aimed to include both, terrane characteristics and geodynamic processes. Nevertheless, novel field-based contributions (petrological, structural, geochronological, etc.) especially from the less-studied or long-neglected regions are welcome and encouraged.

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