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Séminaire de Daniel LESTER (CSIRO-Melbourne, Australia)

Date : Mercredi 18 juin 2014, 10 h 30

Titre : Chaos and Mixing in Porous Media : From Hairy Balls to Macrodispersion.

Lieu : Salle de Conférences de l’OSUR (Bât. 14 B, RdC)

Résumé :

Transport in porous media is a complex process, in part due to large-scale heterogeneities, and in part due to the complicated geometry at the pore-scale. We focus on the latter problem in this presentation, and show that the basic topological complexity inherent to all porous media - from homogeneous to heterogeneous, granular to networked - imparts persistent and ubiquitous chaotic advection under steady 3D Stokes flow. Such chaotic dynamics impart augmented mixing and transport which can significantly impact dispersion, dilution, chemical reaction and biological activity at the macro-scale. Recent theoretical and computational results are discussed, along with ongoing experiments at the University of Rennes.