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Séminaire Hans-Joachim KUEMPEL (President of BGR Germany)

Date : 31 mai 2013, 10 h 30

Titre : Near surface tilt induced by ground water pumping.

Lieu : Salle de Conférences de l’OSUR (Bât. 14 B, RdC)

Résumé :

Ground water withdrawal through pumping has occasionally been demonstrated to cause near surface deformation. The phenomenon may be of practical use because knowledge of the evolution of the surface deformation field in the vicinity of pumped aquifers allows assessing in-situ hydrologic parameters without investing in new boreholes. The poroelastic response to ground fluid extraction (or fluid injection) can be observed through a set-up of continuously operating tiltmeters installed at shallow depths. During the past twenty years, experience has been gained about the geometric configurations under which the phenomenon can be observed and about the signal strengths that can be expected. Also, theoretical understanding of the poroelastic process has much improved. The near surface deformation field in the vicinity of pumped wells bears, in fact, a wealth of information, useful to constrain the conditions of fluid flow at depth. Present interest probably lies in simplifying routine installation of tiltmeter arrays and in obtaining field data from case studies representing a broad variety of hydrogeological regimes.