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Séminaire de Peter REINERS (University of Arizona)

Date : 22 mars 2013, 10 h 30

Titre : Orogen-scale thermochronologic trends in the central and southern Andes.

Lieu : Salle de Conférences de l’OSUR (Bât. 14 B, RdC)

Résumé :

Low-temperature thermochronologic dates across the central Andes (21-28° S) show a variety of orogen-scale trends that lead to several conclusions about the Cenozoic kinematics and growth of the range. Nearly everywhere in central Andes, total exhumation is less than about 6-8 km and in many places is much less. The first-order west-to-east trend of decreasing cooling dates can be explained by migration of a narrow band of relatively high erosion rates from west to east with time, inferred to represent the deformation front at the eastern margin of the range where the South American plate is underthrust beneath the range, leading to eastward growth throughout the Cenozoic. Thermochronologic data from farther south in the Andes show that although erosion rates are much higher, crustal shortening must also be lower. Finally, north-to-south changes in thermochronologic dates in the southern Andes suggest surprising feedbacks between erosion and rock and surface uplift that challenge our understanding of relationships between climate, erosion, and topography.

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